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shore excursions available in Cueta

Given its position on the northern tip of Morocco it is unsurprising Ceuta has become a popular tourist destination. Ceuta has over 300 days of sunshine a year and its nurmerous beaches and the maritime park visitors can enjoy a whole array of water sports and other activities.

     The Maritime Park covers almost 70,000 square metres and is situated close to the sea front. The park has a collection of swimming pools, lakes and gardens and is the ideal place to wind down after a day of sightseeing. There is also a restaurant quarter called the Seaman’s Village where you will find food from all corners of the world as well as some traditional Spanish and Moroccan dishes. A well liked pastime in the area is diving and located just outside the park is the sports marina where there is a popular diving school.

     For those who wish to take in a more cultural ad historical view of Ceuta there are many monuments, churches, mosques and even a Cathedral. Ceuta is one of the only places in the world that can boast having four religions living side by side in peace.    From the shore it will be hard to miss the castle. If you can make it to the top it is worth it for the spectacular views of the city of Cueta right over the straits to Gibraltar on the horizon.

     The Foso de San Felipe is where the Moroccan mountains meet Ceuta’s Monte Hacho. It is the remains of the old city wall. The wall is said to be dated around the Almohad period but most of it was rebuilt in the 17th century.

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